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Peerless Printing Corporation has been in existence since 1901. We are the Grant County areas longest standing print shop and we are proud to be a part of Marion, Indiana's roots. 

Peerless was started in downtown Marion at 225 South Boots Street in 1901 by C. A. Thompson, and then purchased in 1910 by John Hood Macadam, (pictured at right). In 1935 John moved the business to the current spot on Washington Street. John Hood Macadam was an immigrant from Scotland who came to America and was warmly welcomed, quickly becoming a big part of the community in Marion, Indiana.

The original Peerless Printing Corporation Logo

An early photo of John Hood and some of his staff.

Below, John Hood Macadam is pictured later in his life, posing wih his Peerless staff, including his two sons, James and Howard Macadam. In 1955 John Hood passed away and left the business to be run by his sons.

The original press room in 1929. Later in 1935 when John Hood moved the business, these presses were brought to the Washington Street shop and set up in a similar fashion.

The original 1900's delivery wagon

A newer version of the original logo, a similar version like this is pictured on the delivery wagon above.

Here is a photo of downtown Marion's busy Washington Street, were Peerless Printing is still in business.

The Washington Street store front (right) and a very interesting window display of  train literally made out of office suppplies (below)

Howard Macadam, who eventually bought his brother out and took over Peerless Printing. He was a huge part of the Marion, Indiana community for many years. He eventually sold Peerless to his grandson and the now current owner, Kurt Kohlmorgen.

Kurt Kohlmorgen (above) and a long time employee of Peerless Printing, Elim Smith. (below)


The logo Kurt introduced during his early ownership

Kurt and Elim

After Kurt Kohlmorgen, purchased the shop, he renovated it, giving the building a new beautiful front entrance.



Kurt Kohlmorgen (left), Carol Bullard, a former employee (center), and Lisa Kriegbaum (right), whom is still currently employed at Peerless.

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